100% focussed on your target audience

Marketing today requires a combination of strategic thinking, well-defined objectives, clear brand purpose, persuasive content, and multichannel execution. We’re here to help you build engagement with your target customers and drive growth.


It’s the foundation for your marketing and is based on building a deep understanding of your target customer or target-end-user. What are their needs and challenges and how does your product or service solve for them? We carry out positioning exercises designed to drive the next step. Actionable Segmentation defines how you segment your target audience. Personas help you focus on the needs of your customer. Competitor analysis reveals how competitors are positioning. Customer surveys provide the insights needed to move towards PMF.

Strategy and Planning

TEN80 devise tailored channel marketing strategies designed to meet your objectives. With a vast array of marketing channels at your disposal, use our experience to build a budget-efficient strategy. We’re expert in building funnel for demand-gen, via search, social, surveys and event marketing. Success comes from having an executable plan, designed to engage your target audience and drive those click-journeys. TEN80 create channel-optimised plans designed to deliver product-led-growth.

Brand Identity

Your brand is a place to which your customers need to feel they belong. Creating that sense of ‘place’ through great storytelling, compelling design and immersive content is the key to building those relationships. In the age of multi-channel marketing, brand consistency remains key. Your core identity should be applied consistently, as should your wider visual language – your colour palette, your use of typefaces and your use of imagery, iconography and photography.

Content Creation / AI

Our expertise lies in the copywriting, design and delivery of all forms of B2B marketing content. TEN80 create content for websites, video channels, email campaigns, landing pages, social channels and for in-person, digital or hybrid events. Armed with your marketing objectives TEN80 create content which drives behaviour and entices users to act - to read, to watch, to click, to purchase, to subscribe and to engage. Codifying storytelling is the key to making use of AI tools across B2B marketing, helping us produce the volume and variety of content necessary to meet your digital marketing objectives.

Content Marketing / SEO

Your organic / search channel is extremely important. Having your target audience find your content off the back of relevant searches is the key to TOFU engagement. Adopting keyword strategies, and optimising content for search, ensures that your brand or product is findable at that crucial time - when your target customer is signalling intent. Identify with their problem, answer their query and describe your solution, before capturing their data!


TEN80 are a content-driven marketing team with video in our DNA. We’re highly experienced and video production is not an ‘add-on’ but a key expertise. When it comes to engaging audiences with powerful storytelling, video remains the most powerful medium. In a multi-channel world in which you have an easily distracted audience, compelling video can help you grab and hold audience attention long enough to deliver your message.


Events - both virtual and hybrid - are an opportunity to address your target audience and deliver content which entertains and inspires. Marketing events come in all sizes - from regular webinars to annual summits. Event Marketing is now essential when delivering thought leadership, driving demand-gen, demonstrating product, communicating with partners or building community around your brand.

When used effectively, hybrid event management platforms are a marketing channel in themselves. TEN80 provide content and support for event marketing, including video services.

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