TEN80 are a content-driven production company with video in our DNA.

We’re highly experienced and video production is not an ‘add-on’ but a key expertise. When it comes to engaging audiences with powerful storytelling, video remains the most powerful medium.

We work with companies and corporations, large and small, delivering persuasive video and content across multiple platforms, from digital and web to broadcast and events. TEN80 produce video in support of marketing, digital, customer testimonial, product/service launches, internal comms, events, PR campaigns, point of sale and more. We pride ourselves on our creativity, technical craft and client experience.

In a multi-channel world in which you have an easily distracted audience, compelling video can help you grab and hold audience attention long enough to deliver your message. So who is your audience? What do you want to persuade them of? What story do you want to tell?

Perhaps you wish to draw in new customers, demonstrate your product, launch your service, communicate to staff , build your brand presence or simply breathe motion in to your web site? Put the medium of video to work. From planning through to post, creativity underpins our entire approach. We will help you demonstrate or educate, explain or entertain, or convert prospects into customers.

TEN80 combine high production values with a cost-efficient approach to production. Successful production begins with clear creative direction, experienced planning and solid production management. Our approach guarantees timely delivery while ensuring the necessary space for creativity.

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and experience, both in the field and in the studio. Each shot is the building block of a story, and it’s this which feeds our approach to camerawork. Treating each subject appropriately in terms of style and lighting is second nature to us. We own/operate our own HD and 4k cameras, lighting and sound kit, and are happy to travel.

We love editing. There’s huge satisfaction in combining shots and building sequences; knitting together killer images, a persuasive narrative and a stomping track. But in editing, experience counts. What works for one audience will leave another cold. So at TEN80 we think hard about your audience. What will inspire them? What’s the right tone and appropriate voice? Pace, duration, graphics and animation style? What’s the hook and how do we deliver that call to action?

Thinking about how to distribute and amplify your messaging via video is a key part of your marketing & communications strategy, or at least it should be. Video is most effective when embedded and integrated within your campaigns and communications, but all too often is treated as a standalone medium.

TEN80 help you think about where your video might sit and how to build multi-channel campaigns which integrate video content, using email, social, and search.

Product video, launch events, on-booth screens for field marketing, point-of-sale, client case studies, demos/explainers, vlogs… how will you use video in your marketing and communications in the future?

TEN80 produce video designed to move your audience, and entice them to act.

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