Positioning is the very foundation of marketing but is often misunderstood. Fundamentally it means building a detailed understanding of how your product or service is uniquely qualified to solve a set of problems for a well-defined set of customers.

TEN80 Marketing run detailed positioning exercises which help our customers build the foundations necessary to enable effective and targeted B2B marketing...

Build a qualified position BEFORE you commit marketing budgets...


Understanding your target audience is key when marketing. Knowing exactly what type of companies are in the market for your products or services is a basic foundation stone.

Actionable segmentation is the concept of splitting up your target customer base, so that your marketing is more tailored to the specific problems, needs and requirements associated with each segment. This allows for the creation of targeted content more likely to resonate with each segment of your audience.


In B2B there are often multiple individuals involved in the decision to purchase. Targeting those individuals with compelling and persuasive content is much easier with the use of personas. For example during the enterprise sales process you may have to convince the end-user, the budget holder and one or more members of the C-Suite. Each persona helps your marketing team study and empathise with each individual, allowing for the creation of messaging and content designed to resonate.


Marketing to the target-end-user of your product is vital within B2B marketing today. The target-end-user is typically carrying out their own research, finding solutions to their own problems, and looking to empower themselves.

This is especially the case when pursuing product-led-growth. Adopting a PLG strategy comes with both freedoms and constraints when marketing, but the cornerstone is attracting the attention of your target-end-user and having them travel the full journey:- Build a funnel, sign them up, nurture them and turn them into advocates for your brand, product or service.


Understanding what problems you’re solving means your messaging and content can be on point. Your content is way more likely to resonate and engage your targets if it describes how your solution solves their problem.

Of course not all of the personas you need to convince will describe the problem in the same way, given their role, responsibilities and KPIs.

A good positioning exercise will look at the PERCEIVED PROBLEM through the eyes of your target-end-user, before looking at the ACTUAL PROBLEM for their organisation, and of course financially how the problem may manifest within the top line or bottom line.


There are multiple ways to analyse the competition of course but within a solid positioning exercise it’s really important to study your competitor’s marketing output. This helps build an understanding of how they are positioning and targeting, because it is embedded within their messaging and content.


TEN80 run online surveys to ascertain how your current customers value your product or service. We’re expert at employing survey techniques which deliver insights into how your product or service is used, and which features are valued and why.

Surveys are used to measure satisfaction and obtain a Net-Promoter-Score (NPS). Surveys can also be used to test marketing claims, providing validation before using those claims on prospective customers.

TEN80 devise and conduct customer surveys which provide validation and insight..


Understanding the problem you are solving, and building a detailed picture of your target customer needs is a valuable step towards achieving Product-Market-Fit (PMF). Surveying current customers can help provide validation or indeed reveal gaps in your product or service.


An ideal customer profile (ICP) is a description of the ideal company or customer you want to target for your business.

Positioning work helps breed a deeper understanding of the types of company or organisation likely to receive maximum value from your product, who are indeed prepared to pay for it. Companies that fit your ICP are vital for revenue generation as they are more likely to buy, stay loyal to your product and refer you to others.

Build a foundation for your B2B marketing.

TEN80 run positioning exercises designed to answers all the necessary questions, providing the platform on which to build your GTM...

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