TEN80 create content for events, including video and presentations. We also provide camera and A/V crew for virtual and hybrid events, and deliver live streaming which can be incorporated in your chosen virtual event platform or live-streamed via your own marketing channels.

Events - both virtual and hybrid - are an opportunity to address your target audience and deliver content which entertains and inspires.

Marketing events come in all sizes: From regular webinars to annual summits. Event Marketing is now essential when delivering thought leadership, launching products, communicating with partners or building community around your brand.

Virtual events are now a key strategic marketing channel because they allow for scaleable activity. Since the pandemic, virtual events have emerged as the best way to engage and nurture a remote audience - at scale.

There are now a number of event management platforms which integrate with marketing tools you may already be using. TEN80 are platform-agnostic and can help advise on which tools to use for best effect. We will work with you and your event management platform to help you promote, plan and produce your event.

Above all, production values matter!

In B2B marketing, virtual event experiences are now the norm. Businesses no longer necessarily need to hire costly physical venues with in-house A/V teams. You can broadcast from a hired studio, a smaller venue or even your own offices. TEN80 offer a fully MOBILE team and on-site production including producer, camera crew, vision mixing, audio and live-streaming technicians.

TEN80 will help you deliver quality content with high production values and make your event a success.

It’s time to drive your marketing objectives and build your community! Planning a virtual or hybrid event? Get in touch..

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