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TEN80 is owned and managed by Dave Brewis

Dave is an exec-level marketer & content creator who leads a team of creatives, content producers, video professionals and multichannel digital marketing specialists.

An experienced CMO (B2B SaaS) and founder of a highly successful Paris-based video/TV production services company, Dave today uses TEN80 as a vehicle for supplying marketing services, producing video and creating content for customers.

Dave Brewis

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I began my working life in design/advertising and became one of the first generation of web/new media proponents, working for Agency.com (formerly Online Magic) in the mid/late 90’s in London. There we built first-generation websites for some of the UK’s best known institutions (The Economist, Boots, The Guardian, BT, Channel 4). After moving to Paris in the early noughties I retrained in video/television production before setting up the first iteration of Ten80 in 2005 which I ran successfully for ten years. My company supplied video and television production services to clients across factual, documentary, and corporate communications (BBC, CNN, Shine, Two-Four, Coca Cola Europe, Adobe). We provided planning, kit and crew for productions across France, before producing video content for large corporate customers including NYSE Euronext, Swarovski, General Mills and Autodesk. Since returning to the UK in 2016 I upskilled, becoming expert in digital content-led B2B marketing techniques. I became CMO for an enterprise-level SaaS company specialising in B2B content/commerce for Retail, where I built and managed a successful marketing team across EMEA and NA, and delivered a 2x increase in attributed revenue. I’m an unapologetic advocate for the content-led approach to performance marketing.

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