All effective marketing involves understanding your target customer, working out how best to reach them, and being clear on what you want to persuade them to do.

Armed with this information, TEN80 create powerful and persuasive content, optimised for your channels and designed to fulfil your marketing objectives.

Consistent brand storytelling is absolutely key to building and retaining your customer base. One of today’s big marketing challenges is delivering consistent messaging across diverse channels and multiple touchpoints.

Content also comes in many forms - digital, print and video. The onus therefore is on being clear around your primary messaging, before writing and producing content for each media type, and optimised for each channel.

Your digital channels are diverse and require content designed specifically for channel.

Search and Content Marketing channels require SEO written content, social channels need attention-grabbing visual posts, email channels need to drive interest and invite click-throughs, and landing pages must convert.

Behind each digital device is a human being, and it is this notion which guides all our work. Driving digital experiences is key, and so crafting the content to inspire those click-journeys is the number one priority in marketing today.

Our expertise lies in the copywriting, design and production and delivery of all forms of content.

TEN80 create content for websites, video channels, email campaigns, landing pages, social channels and for in-person, digital or hybrid events.

Armed with your marketing objectives we deliver content which drives behaviour and entices users to act - to read, to watch, to click, to purchase, to subscribe and to engage.

Today, digital content intermediates nearly all sales, so investing in marketing strategy and content creation is key to meeting your business objectives.

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