At TEN80 Marketing we understand that behind every digital device is a human being. Marketing begins with inspiring, entertaining and informing.

Success however lies in persuading your target audience to act. Therefore each piece of content should be treated as an asset and be designed with a clear objective in mind.


How’s the big picture? Every good brand or organisation has a strong sense of purpose, a well-defined position in the market, and a clear set of propositions.

Sound marketing strategies are built upon the answers to the big questions...


What does your company exist to achieve? Do your customers understand what you’re about? Who do you serve and therefore who are your audience? What would they say about your company? What makes your staff feel proud? What do they feel they are contributing towards?


In which market do you operate and is it changing? How is it defined? How is your brand seen within the market? How do you compare to your competitors? How do you differentiate at brand/service/product level?


In the eyes of your prospective customer, is it clear what you are offering them? What value does your company/ product/service add? What problems do you solve for? Are you communicating how you will meet your prospects needs? Are you communicating how you’ve met the needs of similar customers?

Strategy might begin with the big picture, but then you’ll want your ducks in order..


Outbound marketing strategies need to begin with understanding target audience. Where are they, and where do they hang out online? Which platforms? What are their interests and behaviours? Understanding your target audience will determine which channels and platforms to make use of. For example, targeting across social media platforms is becoming ever more sophisticated, and obviously CONTENT MARKETING strategies only work if you understand what your target audience is searching for.


Be specific in your campaign objectives and be clear on what success looks like. Brand building, lead generation, channel building, data capture.. these are all types of campaign objective. It is your campaign objective which governs what tactics, platform, and ad type you might use, and dictate which metrics are used to monitor and measure success. For example in a brand building campaign you may be more interested in targeted ad impressions, and for a lead-gen campaign you are primarily interested in capturing the data of prospective clients.


Once Campaign Objectives are set and the audience defined, it’s a lot easier to brief a creative team. You need to think in terms of MESSAGING. What are you trying to persuade your audience of? What are you trying to persuade them to do? The answers to these questions help our creative team hone the messaging, write the copy, design the content, make the video, and design channel-specific campaigns which move the dial.


You may have inspiring and engaging content, but campaign success is really governed by how well you execute across channels, whether they be social, email, display or search. Content should always be optimised for channel, because online behaviours are contextual. Campaigns only succeed when they deliver audience engagement, or drive users to act, click, give up data and so on.


In digital marketing, never confuse strategy with technique. Books and volumes have been written about each of the following techniques:- email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing / SEO, SEM / PPC, Field Marketing etc. A good marketing strategy is one which underpins your entire multichannel approach. Branding should be consistent. Messaging should be consistent. Creative should be optimised.


Marketing campaigns generate huge amounts of data. Today we can measure everything:- impressions, views, conversions, CTR, CPC, CPV.. etc. Metrics differ depending on the nature of the campaign and the platforms and channels you’re using. For example, you may be trying to drive traffic towards a Landing Page, and you’ll want to know what enticed the user to click through to it. Social media platforms offer their own analytics and provide comparable data to determine the success of ads. Google Analytics combined with Adwords or YouTube campaigns provide exhaustive data offering all types of analysis.

Marketing today requires a combination of strategic thinking, well-defined objectives, clear brand purpose, persuasive content, and multichannel execution.

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