The Virtual Event Marketing Engine

Virtual event and webinar platforms allow savvy marketers to use live & on-demand video content to drive engagement, obtain leads and build community.

The emergence of these evermore sophisticated platforms gives marketers new tools to drive engagement using the power of video, while obtaining the kind of data they need to drive growth.

Used intelligently, these platforms are really an ENGINE for data-led growth marketing and can be used to deliver all kinds of objectives - thought leadership, community building, partner marketing, lead generation and lead nurture..


Today, B2B performance marketers need to deliver a steady stream of MQLs and so generating and then qualifying leads is key to the role. The task then becomes about how to nurture those qualified leads, so that this new audience begin to learn more about your products and solutions, and become invested in your brand.

Virtual event platforms allow for the delivery of live or on-demand video content. The real challenge then is to PRODUCE the kind of engaging top-of-funnel video content which introduces your brand and products, and deliver it using these platforms.

The better virtual event and webinar platforms allow for integration with your CRM - which means a two-way flow of data - wherever that makes sense.

These platforms also provide engagement data - tracking what the attendee watched and how long they watched it for. They also track the attendee while they use other common engagement features such as Q&A or Polls or Content Download for example.

When set up correctly, these platforms provide a totally immersible digital environment in which to hold audience attention. Of course having the platform is just the beginning - the marketer is then charged with working out how to use video-led content to entertain, educate, inform and inspire!

The number one task for the marketer then is to put in place the content creation and video production team, so they can focus on all the other aspects of event marketing...


  • The capacity and skills to produce & stream professional video and deliver 'live' or 'on-demand'.

  • Capable and engaging on-camera speakers / presenters.

  • Pre-recorded video and assets for inclusion in live mixing or pre-recorded presentations.

  • An event/webinar platform which provides a seamless event registration process.

  • An event/webinar platform which connects with your CRM.

  • The creative skills to brand your event effectively, and describe its value.

  • A campaign to promote the event effectively using your existing marketing channels to drive target audience to a landing / registration page.

  • Effective email communications - ensuring those who register actually attend.

  • Video post production and post event communications - splicing and dicing the video content and keeping the conversation going.


Of course this means the marketer must bring together skilled people across video production, streaming, platforming, creative, content, speakers, data and ops. This typically means using resources from inside and outside your organisation. Possibly the most important ingredient therefore is TEAMWORK.

The rest is down to the actual content. At TEN80 we recommend appointing an overall Creative Director skilled in video and virtual events. That's ultimately the way to guarantee an engaging attendee experience, while simultaneously delivering your messages.

For marketers who understand the power of video and virtual events, the opportunities are huge. Within the 'attention economy' in which we all now live, online events are environments in which marketers can use the power of video to grab and hold attention long enough to inspire, educate, and meet their data-backed objectives.

Make us part of your team! TEN80 bring professional production values to virtual and hybrid event experiences, and help our customers use virtual event platforms effectively for lead gen and community building.

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Posted on Jan 29, 2023


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