The honest argument for investing in content

Regardless of whether your target audience is made up of customers, clients, prospects or partners, it is made up of individuals. If you are failing to inform, entertain or inspire them, they simply won’t engage. The competition for their attention is now awesome and unlimited.

What organisations and brands must now do at scale, is engage with the individual.

Organisations must..


so that the individual will..


Behind each digital device is a human being. They will only invest their precious time in consuming content if it answers their questions, enriches their lives, or speaks to their soul.

Generally speaking, for that to be the case, your content will need to be well written, nicely shot, attractively designed, powerfully packaged and basically speaking.. good.

It will also need to feel relevant to that individual. On a deeper level, it will need to speak to the sense of storytelling that the individual has around him or herself. This is the first step towards building that sense of belonging that organisations and brands strive to create.

With evermore competition and disruption, the future of your brand or organisation depends on your ability to keep your target audiences engaged. That's the honest argument for investing in content. Don’t be easy to ignore!

by Dave Brewis, TEN80

Posted on May 05, 2019


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