Consulting: (Bright Interactive)

Bright Interactive - a company specialising in building DAM software - engaged Dave Brewis to conduct an in-depth positioning exercise to establish the foundations for the marketing of Dash, a DAM SaaS platform.

The exercise was designed to established how Dash should be positioned with respect to :

  1. The User 

  2. Use Cases / Applications 

  3. The Competition 

  4. Customer Industry Sectors 

  5. Geographies 

  6. Trends in Technology, Culture and Values

  7. Price 

During the course of the engagement, we looked at the marketing output of 50 DAM providers as part of our competitive research. We also designed and ran a customer survey using Typeform to build an understanding of customer perceptions of the current product, and obtain a NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Positioning exercises are absolutely key for SaaS products. It is only by understanding positioning that marketing teams have a stable foundation on which to build brand, messaging and content.


"Thanks so much for your input early in the process Dave - quite a bit of the initial impetus came from you, and the positioning work was really useful"

Martin Wilson CEO (Bright) & Founder of Dash


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