Customer Survey: (Cloudinary)

TEN80 produced a series of surveys to ascertain exactly how Cloudinary DAM customers are using digital assets within their organisation, and to establish which features they value and why.

Over time we identified patterns among the results in accordance with customer type, and across ‘application’, ie. channel marketing, ecommerce, brand management and design.

Survey results were used to establish Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and help the product team identify gaps in the pursuit of Product Market Fit (PMF).

The programme was also designed to deliver a Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

TEN80 employed conversational marketing techniques so that the survey experience was an opportunity for customers to learn, as well as provide answers. 

Surveys such as these help marketers better understand the needs of their target customer, and also provide validation and insight to product teams.

Individual insights provide an opportunity for customer success teams to build deeper relationships with customers. 


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