Customer Research: (Dash)

The key to successful SaaS marketing is selling to target users and turning them into champions. Once customers become advocates then marketing becomes a lot easier, and the cost of customer acquisition reduces.

Understanding how your current customers are successfully using your SaaS product provides a much deeper understanding of how you might approach describing value to your target customers. The way to do this is by surveying your current customers. Many SaaS providers already survey customers to get an NPS (Net Promoter Score) which is a widely used metric that typically takes the form of a single survey question asking respondents to rate the likelihood that they would recommend your product.

However in order to get a real understanding of how your product is used, and what value it provides, the answer is to conduct an in-depth customer survey based around features.

We designed and conducted a 15 question survey for customer Bright, to ascertain what value their product Dash delivers to their current customer base. Happily 75% of Dash customers responded to a campaign to incentivise them to fill out the online survey. The results were summarised and used in a strategic positioning exercise, which helps the product marketing team to describe value within the context of how and why the product is used, as opposed to what the product is! This is the primary goal when marketing SaaS solutions.   

Broadly this is what the Customer Survey was designed to ascertain:

- provide a picture of each customer's marketing efforts

- find out about how they obtain and use assets

- find out exactly how they are using Dash

- find out how they rate Dash functionality

- find out exactly what they feel Dash enables them to do

- test marketing claims 


"Thanks so much for your input early in the process Dave - quite a bit of the initial impetus came from you, and the positioning work was really useful"

Martin Wilson CEO (Bright) & Founder of Dash


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