Marketing Consulting: (Cloudinary)

Cloudinary hired consultant Dave Brewis to lead the feasibility and positioning of Nexus, a potential DAM product aimed at SMBs.

Dave and team delivered exercises across the following four areas:

1) Target Audience / Actionable Segmentation.

2) Positioning against the problem / Selling to the target end user.

3) Understanding how DAM competitors position their product. 

4) Understanding how current Cloudinary customers use DAM, and which features they value and why.

Cloudinary, like many tech/SaaS companies have adopted a PLG model for their freemium / self serve-product. Solid positioning work is crucial in order to establish Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Product Market fit (PMF). 

Positioning is the foundation on which effective marketing strategy, brand identity, content and campaigns are built. 

A clear understanding of the target-end-user persona, and the problems and challenges they face, allows SaaS marketers to describe how their product solves, and deploy content which will resonate. This is especially crucial if adopting a PLG model, and building funnel to attract end-users who are carrying out their own research.

The Positioning Work culminated in a set of presentations and recommendations, enabling Cloudinary exec to make strategic decisions relating to DAM.  


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