Positioning: (Cloudinary)

Cloudinary hired Dave Brewis to conduct a Positioning exercise designed to bring together Cloudinary's DAM and Programmable Media products under one banner.

Large brands and retailers are looking to increase content velocity to meet an ever-growing demand for customer experiences across marketing and commerce channels.

Combining enterprise-level DAM with unrivalled dynamic media functionality, Cloudinary are now uniquely positioned within an expanding Enterprise DAM category.

Cloudinary DAM is not only a place where customer experience teams get control over their organisation's media assets, but a platform from which marketers transform assets, optimise assets, and deliver omnichannel customer experiences at the speed and scale now required.

Positioning involved building out storytelling for three lead buyer personas, before creating marketing content and sales enablement across the following: 

- Cloudinary DAM for Composable Architectures.

- Cloudinary DAM for Commerce.

- Cloudinary DAM for Enterprise Marketing. 


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