Brand Identity: (Sweft)

TEN80 brought Sweft to life with a new visual identity. Sweft is a SaaS product designed to solve the ISNO (In-Stock, Not online) problem faced by global brands and retailers.

We began with a blank canvas and worked with the founder and CEO to build a fresh ID which encapsulated the value that Sweft delivers to customers and prospects. 

The word 'Sweft' comes in part from 'weft', a term found in weaving, meaning the crosswise threads on a loom that are passed over and under the 'warp' to make cloth.

This was a visual starting point but obviously Sweft needed a logo and identity suitable for a SaaS product, which oozed 'dynamic' and 'solid' and 'tech'. 

We built out the brand ID, colour palette, photography, typography and designed applications for the brand, including those all important templates for sales pitch decks.   


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